Where to Buy Real Leather Moto Jackets in Plus Size

Moto jackets are officially trending again (even if they never really went out of style), and I absolutely love it. When it comes to shopping fashion trends, the best are always the ones that are guaranteed to cycle back again and again. Like little black dresses and trench coats, moto jackets are a classic wardrobe staple for a reason: They might peak in popularity from time to time (like now), but they will rarely, if ever, look outdated. So if you are thinking of investing in a good quality leather moto, it is a smart move – and certainly makes more sense than splashing out on a more ephemeral trend. It also can be a more sustainable option in the long run: I know I’ve lost far too many faux leather jackets to the inevitable cracking and flaking that plagues pleather after a few years. Meanwhile, my real leather jackets are just looking better with time.

Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many options in plus when it comes to genuine leather jackets, making it hard to find the perfect one to invest in. So I did a deep dive to see what is available in plus sizes, and rounded up all the best options in one place:

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Veda: When it comes to genuine leather jackets in plus, Veda is the gold standard. My cream Baby Jane moto is one of the most-prized pieces in my [extensive] wardrobe, and even though it is an investment, the cost per wear is already on par with much cheaper faux leather options after only a couple of years of owning it. Their extended size selection goes up to a 6xl (the equivalent of a 24W), and the styles are fully fashion-girl-approved. If you are looking to buy yourself something *nice* that you’ll wear forever, I highly recommend Veda.

RCA Public Label: If you’ve ever dreamed of a custom leather jacket that is uniquely yours, the new RCA Public Label Make-It-Me Moto is for you. Designer Renee Cafaro is a plus size woman herself, and created her luxury label to address the lack of well-fitting quality pieces in sizes 16-32. Their classic moto jacket fits beautifully, nipping in at the waist and comfortably zipping over my bust (truly rare in heavy leather jackets like this), and has thoughtful details like an extended zipper pull and a curved back to account for hips and a butt without getting too boxy – something that I can attest makes a marked difference. Using this curve-friendly shape as a base, you can then customize every aspect of your jacket – from the leather to the color to the hardware and beyond – to make it exactly what you envision. The price for the Make-It-Me Moto starts at $550 and goes up depending on the materials and finishes you choose in your one-on-one consultation with Cafaro. The full genuine leather version with silver leather panels I am wearing here is $950, for example. Cafaro also offers a gorgeous full leather trench coat (one of my favorite pieces from their latest NYFW show). All the jackets are ethically made in NYC too, so it is an investment piece you can feel good about.  I was also able to get a reader-exclusive coupon code for RCA Public Label: Just use CURVILYXRCA for 20% off!

Universal Standard: Known for its truly size inclusive range (sizes 00-40) and high quality, Universal Standard is a strong option to consider for a real leather jacket. They currently only have one style – a classic leather moto – but it comes in four different colors: Black, white, a rich reddish-brown called “Chili Chocolate,” and a sleek steel blue. My fashion friends who have this jacket love it and have attested to the year-after-year durability.

Nordstrom: In the last few years, Nordstrom has really upped their plus size selection, with items in a range of price points. Their plus size leather jacket section has a mix of faux and genuine options, but the real leather versions from their house labels Caslon and Treasure & Bond are known for great quality for the price point, and their generous return policy means that it is less of a gamble than a fast fashion purchase might be. The one catch: Because they are such a good deal, they often sell out quickly, so if you see one you like, I’d recommend snagging it sooner than later.

Pari Passu: One of my favorite labels for elevated, investment-worthy plus size pieces has just one leather moto in their collection, but it is a good one. I already know from experience that their real leather pants are excellent, and like all their pieces, their leather moto is made thoughtfully for plus bodies. Better yet, it is currently on sale and you can get an additional 20% off with my reader code CURVILY20. Limited sizes left in stock though!

ASOS: When I’m looking for something specific, ASOS is usually one of the first places I check. With a vast plus size section of their own ASOS label pieces and a broad selection of other brands (including many UK brands that don’t otherwise ship to the US), I can usually find something promising. That is also the case with plus size leather jackets. Searching for plus size leather turns up both real and faux options, but their selection from Barney’s Originals – a classic British outerwear company over 100 years old – has some great genuine leather moto jackets in styles that will never go out of style. Their price point (almost all under $190 USD) is super reasonable for real leather too.

Able: This ethical brand that focuses on women’s empowerment as a company recently expanded their size range up to 3x (with plans to expand further), and my friends who have tried their plus sizes have had nothing but good things to say about the quality. Their jacket selection is still limited, with only two styles currently in genuine leather (a classic moto in three colors and a trucker-style button-front jacket, but they are good ones. Even better is the fact that they really stand by their quality: Every Able item comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes the already reasonable price point even more of a bargain.

NastyGal: This fast fashion staple isn’t necessarily known for quality and durability, but at least their small selection of real leather jackets in plus are in styles that look cool and current.  And by its very nature, genuine leather should last a lot longer, so combined with the low prices, these jackets might be worth a gamble if you are looking for a bargain leather moto.

Mango: Another popular brand that has recently expanded its size range in its main line, Mango is a good place to look for coats and jackets in general. As of publishing, they only have one real leather jacket available in plus, but it is a good one (and at a shockingly low price point for a genuine leather moto).

Macy’s: While their plus size leather jacket section includes both real and faux mixed together, some of the genuine leather options are super cute (like this perfectly on-trend Sam Edelman moto). I also appreciate that they have some coat brands that you can’t find in plus elsewhere, like Cole Haan, Michael Kors, and Lauren Ralph Lauren.

Ulla Popken: This sprawling plus size site has a handful of genuine leather jackets in their selection, with styles from classic leather motos to suede shackets. I wish their models better represented their great size range (up to US size 34!), but they are still worth a look if you are looking for a genuine leather jacket in plus.

Karen Millen: This UK designer brand expanded their size range a few years back, but not as much as many of us would like: Their top size in their plus size line is a UK size 24 (which is the equivalent of a US size 20). They do have some absolutely beautiful coats though, including some great real leather jackets, so if you are in their size range they are worth a look, especially considering the good things I’ve heard from friends about their quality.

Simply Be: This is another great UK option, but this one unfortunately is only for UK shoppers (they no longer ship to the US/internationally). But if you are in the United Kingdom, they have a good selection of genuine leather jackets in plus sizes up to a UK 32, and at a very reasonable price point. Tip: If you are in the US and find a specific style you see on Simply Be, check out their selection on ASOS to see if it is available there!

Lafayette 148: If you are looking for a luxury coat or jacket in plus, this classic brand is worth a look. Lafayette 148 is a true luxury label, with price tags to match, but their pieces are investments for a reason (gorgeous quality). They currently only have one leather jacket available, but I’ve seen great ones from them in the past, so I definitely want to include it here as an option. And don’t forget to check their sale options (which doesn’t show up under their main plus size section).

Madewell: This is one I’m including for future reference, because their sole plus size leather jacket (a really cool heavy moto) is currently fully sold out, but it is worth a look at their jacket section in case they restock.

11 Honore: This luxury plus size destination was recently acquired by Dia & Co., so now you can shop for high end designers and more affordable plus size options all in one purchase. Their selection of real leather jackets is limited at this time, with most of the larger sizes sold out, but they update their offerings regularly, so I don’t want to leave it out.

Whet Blu: This is a brand I had never heard of before doing research for this shopping guide, so I can’t speak to their quality personally, but with a wide variety of genuine leather moto jackets and a size range up to 5xl, it is definitely worth a look. The size chart looks a bit on the small side, but not ridiculously so, and I love that they have real leather options in bold colors and with interesting embellishments.

The Jacket Maker: This direct-to-consumer leather jacket company looks like a good quality option for a lower price point, especially for genuine leather motos. I haven’t had a chance to see their jackets in person, but just from their chart, their sizing looks to be on the small side,  with their 3x reading more like a typical 1x. However, they do offer a made-to-measure option for an additional $50 to have a jacket fit your exact size, so it warrants inclusion.

B0nus vegan leather recommendation:

If you want a leather moto but real leather isn’t for you for whatever reason, my number one plus size vegan leather jacket recommendation is Eloquii. I have two faux leather motos from them that I have owned and worn for more than five years and they both still look great. I’ve seen other faux leather options fall apart with regular use in less time. This style also comes in a multitude of fun, on-trend colors, so it is great option if you want a trendier color moto without a big price commitment (remember, there is almost always a code to apply at Eloquii!).

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