The Best Plus Size Rompers of 2017

Just a few years ago, I thought I “couldn’t” wear rompers, because I’d had a lifetime of being told they are only for young and skinny women.  Fortunately, I’ve since learned to disregard and actively push back against these types of arbitrary fashion “rules” (which for some reason are still being published, like the recent #BizarreBazaarRules story).  I am not going to limit myself based on outdated ideas about who is allowed to be part of fashion, and you shouldn’t either.  Plus, rompers are just so much fun to wear!  They are quite practical too: Great for hot days when you want to have your legs out but also don’t want to have to worry about accidentally flashing your undies while walking up stairs or sitting on a picnic blanket. I honestly consider them a summer wardrobe staple, and buy a few new ones every year to bolster my growing collection.  I’ve rounded up my favorite plus size rompers available now below:

There’s something for every aesthetic and budget (with options from $4.99!), so there’s no reason not to give this style a try.  Remember: Style has no size (or age) limits!
Outfit details:
Exaggerated cat eye glasses: Aldo (similar)
Silver loafer mules: Attention (on sale for $12!)
Graphic landscape clutch: Rafe