IMG_4274.JPGAbstract Watercolor Floral Dress ($23)

Welcome back to What I Didn’t Buy, where I chronicle my dressing room adventures so you can see how things fit in a non pinned-and-styled way. I love that my last post inspired blogger chelseaisworkingonit t0 grab this dress in oxblood, which she is rocking.  This trip, I picked up some fun prints and fall-ready faux leather pieces to try out. 

Let’s start with the dress above:  I liked the blurred floral print, and the fit was good and pretty true to size, but the high Mandarin collar gave me the “wall of boobs” effect (something I am never going for). This could definitely work with your most supportive bra  though.  On petite women, it would actually be perfect for the office with a sharp black blazer and sleek heeled booties.

IMG_4273.JPGCat Print Tank Top ($15) and High Waisted Faux Leather Shorts ($23)

Of course I had to try the cat print top on – it was semi sheer, with a muscle tank-like fit (loose, with large armholes).  It would be great for layering – a bright bandeau underneath could add dimension.  This piece is pretty true to size, unlike the faux leather shorts.

IMG_4275.JPGClose up on the High Waisted Faux Leather Shorts ($23)

The fit of the shorts was not perfect by a long shot – the waistband gapped at the back, and the silhouette dipped in at the top of my thighs in an odd way.  I probably would not wear these with a shirt all the way tucked in because of these fit problems, but I think I like them enough to come back for them later – they could work with a flowier top, or a partial tuck.  Size a full size up on these, too – otherwise the crotch area just looks bad.  But for a cheap pair of faux leather shorts, they’ll do the job just fine.



Ivory Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($24)

If you are busty, size up on this jacket as well (unless you are content leaving it open).  I sometimes swear that Forever 21+ sizes have no rhyme or reason.  The ivory is very seasonal, too – the “no white after Labor Day” rule has been pretty solidly decimated at this point!