Getting Comfortable in My Skin in Evelyn & Bobbie

Happy New Year babes!  This time of year can be exciting, full of growth and possibility; but it can also be filled with diet pressure and toxic messaging.  The deluge of “New Year, New You” weight loss ads have already begun, and it can feel like every other commercial is specifically telling you that you are not yet good enough. It takes real mental work to counteract all that messaging, so I’m making a different type of resolution this year. Instead of worrying about how I am going to change, I’m focusing on the opposite: Being more happy and comfortable in my own skin.  So I’m very excited to kick the year off by partnering with Evelyn & Bobbie, a company that supports this goal by using tech innovations to create intimates that offer pain-free support (literally and figuratively).

I’m not new to Evelyn & Bobbie as a brand: I’ve been wearing their underwear for almost a year now, and they are my go-to for seamless hipsters and bikinis.  So I’ve known the quality is there, but I still was more than a bit skeptical when it came to their wireless bras – specifically, with them working for *me.*  I saw the Defy Bra looking amazing on other plus size women with smaller busts, but my cup size is technically above the current Evelyn & Bobbie range, and while I love soft bralettes for loungewear and very casual days, I didn’t really believe that any wire-free option could provide solid day-to-day support for my heavy boobs. I’m always keeping an eye on new companies serving the plus size customer though, and after reading about the science behind their product development, I was intrigued enough to give it a shot, so I reached out to see about testing the Defy Bra on my 38I/40H bust.

Evelyn & Bobbie Plus Size Review

I got my first Defy Bras in October and have been wearing them very regularly ever since.  I have to say, all my skepticism has been proven wrong.  This bra is LEGIT.  It is a wire-free and hook-free pullover bra, with supportive stretch cups that are woven into the fabric.  The soft support structure is their patented original design (called “EB Core”), and they use an ultra-fine, high-quality spandex fiber to help it mold to your body and hold its shape wear after wear.  They note that it takes about two wears for it to fully mold to your shape, but I’ve put on a brand new Defy Bra out of the box and immediately worn it for a 13+ hour day with no discomfort.

Evelyn & Bobbie Defy Bra Review Full Bust Size

Indeed, I’ve been reaching for my Evelyn & Bobbie Defy Bras more and more, especially now that I know a comfortable option that embraces my body can do the work I once thought only underwires could.  The Defy Bra is now the only bra I will wear for travel (I was straight-up stressed when I couldn’t find one to wear for our Christmas trip!).  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen me wearing Defy Bras under my clothes, including my Thanksgiving travel look.
I wear matching Evelyn & Bobbie sets under semi-sheer pieces when I want something that looks like a purposeful part of an outfit (I loved how the Lagoon set looked as base layer for this luxe silk dress in Miami). I wear the same matching sets on their own when I want to be cute around the house.

And this might be TMI, but it’s very real: I wear Defy Bras when I’m on my period and my boobs are swollen and hurt too much to be in literally anything else. The high tech material has enough give to allow for that lovely monthly size difference without losing its proper shape for when they go back to normal.
I love that I can wear one product on both lazy weekend days and high-power meeting-filled days. It’s become such a go-to that I don’t even think about it sometimes – I’m actually wearing one right now as I type this, but it is so comfortable that it wouldn’t be on my mind at all if it wasn’t the topic at hand.
The Defy Bra gets my wholehearted stamp of approval for checking off both form and function (as I always say, cute and supportive is the ideal combo), and I love Evelyn & Bobbie even more as a company for creating products that support women’s bodies without treating them as problems to be solved (the fact that it is woman-founded and run certainly doesn’t hurt!).  As we navigate the high-pressure resolution landscape of January, I’d love for you to join me in resolving – first and foremost – to be kinder to yourself and to get more comfortable in your own skin.  Getting quality lingerie that fits and feels great on can be a concrete (and fun!) way to get started, so I’m happy to be able to give all my reader babes an exclusive discount to Evelyn & Bobbie: 20% off sitewide with the code CURVILY20.
P.S. I’ll be chatting more about Defy Bra fit and sizing on Instagram Stories soon, and you can always DM me there or email me at sarah[at] if you have any questions!