Trying the Trend: Miami Monokini

One of the biggest swim trends for 2018 is the sexy one piece swimsuit, particularly strappy monokinis.  If (like me) you haven’t tried one, monokinis are a hybrid of a classic bikini and a one piece, with the top and bottom connected in a form-meets-function way.

When I saw this suit in Lane Bryant’s new Escape Collection, I knew I had to take the proverbial plunge.   And what better place for a test drive than Miami, the mecca of skimpy swimwear?

When I first put on the suit, I was worried about the coverage – it doesn’t quite fit my chest, even after sizing up two swim sizes.  If I sized up any more, the bottom would be too big, so keep that in mind while ordering if you are busty.

Before going to the beach, we started our day with the delicious free coffee in the Confidante lobby (just thinking about it makes me want a cup now), so I threw this cute stripy sheer top on as a coverup.

This piece is true to size, and works just as well with shorts and sandals as it does worn to the beach.

I was eager to get to the water (as always – I’m a Cancer), and even the morning waves were warm and welcoming.

It didn’t take long until I was splashing around in the surf, and I was pleasantly surprised at how secure the suit felt – I didn’t feel in danger of a wardrobe malfunction, even with a lot of movement.

This monokini is definitely a statement suit – the curving cutouts and string ties are just hot, and I do think it is best suited (pun intended) for a glam day by the pool or on the beach (perfect with these classic Hollywood-esque sunnies).

That being said, after we took these pics, I just couldn’t resist the call of the ocean, so I ran right in.

I swam for almost an hour and bounced around jumping with the waves, and my chest stayed in the suit the whole time!  I honestly didn’t expect this very  it to stand up to that much activity, but the suit proved me wrong.  I appreciate that Lane Bryant put the work in to construct a fashion forward suit like this that actually has function to match the form.

After my swim and soaking up a little sun (but not too much – I burn SO easily), we walked back to this gorgeous setting.  And of course I had to take advantage of the outdoor shower!

All in all, I was very impressed with this monokini from Lane Bryant, and I will definitely be wearing it again when I want to bring some glam to the beach.

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