Twinning with Glitter and Lazers in ModCloth

One of the great things about blogging is the fantastic community of women I work with. I’ve been able to make some fantastic real-life friends from the plus fashion world, but there are a bunch that I’ve never met but feel like we’d click offline. So I was delighted when I had brunch with new-to-NYC Anna of Glitter & Lazers and Liz from P.S. Its Fashion (one of my blogger BFFs) and discovered that Anna is just as fun IRL.

Here we are all laughing at our inability to hold a pose when a cute dog walks by

I was thus happy to say yes when Anna asked me to be part of her new project filming lookbooks on different body types.  For the kickoff of the series, we both wore pieces that were her personal style, all from Modcloth.

For the first look, we wore a forest green velvet pinafore (definitely a new take on the velvet trend for me!), layered over a dog print (!!!) blouse, with a kerchief necktie.

The second look took me even further out of my fashion comfort zone with prominent plaid and a professorial herringbone vest.  The look was very fall, and what is more fall than apples?

We touched a lot of apples 😀

Even though this combination is not my personal style, it looked amazing on Anna, and got me really excited for crisp autumn days.  I also have ideas for how to wear each of these Modcloth pieces in ways that are more my own style.

For the last look, we went a little less literal with the twinning and each styled the same bomber jacket in our respective personal styles.

The jacket itself is definitely a novelty piece (promise I’m not actually summoning any spirits, mom!), but worked well with my general aesthetic.

Worn with dark jeans, a crop top, and my favorite leather Chelsea boots, it was a look that felt like *me.*  Anna’s styling was perfectly her too.  After getting familiar with Modcloth’s current offerings, I definitely will be keeping them in mind as a plus clothing option going forward (most pieces go from XXS-4X!) Check out our Twinsies Lookbook below to see how we both looked in all the outfits, and say hi in the comments!