Falling for Ellos in the Hamptons

A few weeks ago, I was able to take an epic day trip to the Hamptons to celebrate the one year anniversary of Swedish label Ellos‘ arrival in the U.S. (and their concurrent launch of plus sizes).  I am always happy to see brands recognizing the demand for more options in plus, and Ellos’ very Swedish minimalism really speaks to me.

Once I got to try Ellos for myself, I got even more excited about the label.  The quality is great, especially considering many other brands at a similar low price point.  They also don’t shy away from using real leather or suede when the occasion calls for it.  So when the lovely Clémentine Desseaux invited me to a celebration of their anniversary she was hosting, I was more than happy to brave the Friday Hamptons traffic.

I knew from following Clem for years that she loves to cook, so I was excited to see what she had in store for us.  I was delighted to arrive to a gorgeous spread of ingredients that we worked together to prepare for dinner.

It was so fun to sip wine and snack our way through prep with blogger babes Alex LaRosa, Lydia Hudgens, Kelly Augustine, and Dani Sauter of Blonde in the District.

Rose all day, as they say

We even made fondue from scratch, a first for me.  Wine and cheese in dippable form?  Yes please!

Once we were done with prep, we changed into our dinner looks.  Being bloggers, we of course had to get pics before any potential wine spilling.

When the lobster was done, we walked out to the dining room to lay our the spread.  As Clem is a consummate hostess, the table was already set impeccably.

How cute are these confetti seating cards?

After dinner, we retired to the living room for prosecco and pie by the fire.  We basically had a perfect fall day, and the unseasonably cold weather really made the warm hospitality even better.  Check out the video of our day below, and head to Ellos for more (and to shop our looks!).