Fall’s Top Trends (and the Bras You Need For Them!)

Every year during Fashion Week, I love predicting which of the styles parading down the runways will have the staying power to remain fresh in the six months between the shows and the actual season, and which of the sometimes over the top trends will translate into real life.

The Cushnie et Ochs Fall/Winter 2017 show was full of inspiration

For Fall 2017, the shows were rife with styles I expected to go the distance, and I’ve loved seeing them materialize as autumn approaches.  Finding the most current trends in plus can be a bit challenging, but I pulled together fun and timely options for each one.  Interestingly, the challenge did not end there, because some of the top trends of the season have cuts and necklines that require serious navigating, bra-wise.  As any busty woman knows all too well, finding the right bra always seems like a struggle, and doubly so if there is any sort of strap or cutout that won’t work with a thick, supportive bra strap.  And if you want something pretty too?  It seems impossible.  

Fortunately, I’ve found a place that actually has a bra for every style and occasion, and in a fantastic range of sizes (with bands from 28 to 50+, and cup sizes up to O!).  Bare Necessities was able to help me find the perfect bra for every fall styles, and got me fitted so I knew just what size to order for each.   I’ve picked out my top bra recommendation for each trend, so read on for what to wear for fall, inside and out:

Fall Trend #1: One Shoulder Everything

If I had to declare a neckline of the season, this asymmetrical cut would win hands down.  One shoulder styles are primed and ready to replace the now-ubiquitous cold shoulder, and the look is surprisingly versatile: Whether you want to go Grecian goddess, modern minimal, or 80’s glam, you can find a one-shoulder piece that fits your aesthetic – you’ll just need the right bra to work with it.  A convertible strapless bra provides support and styling flexibility.  This Smoothing Strapless Bra from Elomi has multiple strap hookups, so you can position the straps exactly where you want them so they don’t detract from the neckline.

Strapless Bra for One Shoulder Trend

I chose this bold print statement dress from Eloquii.  It called to me the moment I saw it, and I think I may have been inspired by the Keith Haring vibe after my recent trip to the Guggenheim – this dress is basically art.  I finished the outfit with a matte red lip and a modern update on the classic pump to keep the look strong.

Fall Trend #2: Deep Plunges

In previous years, when I saw plunge necklines trending, I would just sigh and pretend I wasn’t disappointed that this style “could never work for me.”  Many runway looks this year were designed on the premise of bralessness, but at my bust size (40I, as the lovely Bare Necessities AmBrassador told me after my phone fitting – an amazing service they offer for free!), wearing a neckline this low without a bra would only lead to certain discomfort and likely wardrobe malfunctions.  Neither option sounds appealing to me, so I used to forego this neckline, even when I really loved the piece.

I actually spotted this amazing Fashion to Figure jumpsuit before I talked to my AmBrassador Mette, and again was resigned to missing out.  After Mette gave me my correct bra size and showed me how to use Bare Necessities’ incredibly helpful bra size converter tool, I realized that this hot Contradiction strap detail bra actually came in my size (*my brain actually made this revelatory chorus of angels sound*).

Once you enter your size in a brand you know, the converter will automatically navigate all the international variations in bra sizing for you – no reference tables needed!

As soon as I put this strappy bra on with the jumpsuit, I felt like a damn 70’s bombshell.  With shimmering makeup and a sparkly Pono bangle, I was more than ready for a night out, and could not stop dancing around the room.  The effect of a hot bra is real.

Fall Trend #3: Statement Pant Suits

Another prominent FW17 trend that seems to presume the viability of going braless is the statement suit trend.  I saw so many of these coordinating blazer and trouser sets on the Fashion Week runways, often buttoned to a deep V and worn over nothing at all.  I love the powerful look of this style, but had serious concerns about how I was going to make it work for my bust.

My AmBrassador Mette actually suggested this Goddess Bustier to me, and I have to admit I was initially a bit skeptical.  I have no desire to wear a corset to whittle my waist, and I told Mette about my reservations.  She clarified that this is not meant to be a corset, but the boning provides additional support for the strapless option.  I decided to give it a shot, and BOY was I pleasantly surprised.  I tried the bustier on with a pair of cutoff shorts when it came in the mail and ended up walking around with it on for over an hour because it just fit SO DAMN PERFECTLY (in the size I got from my phone fitting, BTW!).  Mette was completely right, too – it didn’t feel restricting or like it was trying to change my body shape – it just felt architecturally sound, like it was built for my body.

Paire this perfect bold floral suit from Eloquii, I was in full boss mode, and just felt amazing, as I think was evident in the behind the scenes video from the shoot:


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Seriously, that support though! My only bra challenge now is not wearing this bustier with everything I own 😉

Fall Trend #4: Sheer Dresses

This is one trend where the choice to flaunt or camouflage your underpinnings depends entirely on the garment style and how risque you want to be.  For ethereal neutral sheers, I recommend a flesh tone bra and barely-there slip to keep the focus on the dress design.  For sheer black and other darker colors, I love a strappy statement bra + a bodycon skirt in black.

This Elomi Soraya Cage Bra is absolutely beautiful, so of course I want to show it off!  A simple mesh top with a high waisted skirt actually provides a bit more coverage than a full sheer dress, and keeps the focus on the gorgeous print and strappy details.  I added drop globe earrings in pink to complement the pretty colors of the Soraya.

Fall Trend #5: Bedtime Dressing

The Pajama Dressing trend is going a bit more sultry, with spaghetti strap slip dresses and camis galore.  Add a twist with an unexpected pattern, or lean into the boudoir origin with delicate lace trimmed pieces.  Either way, you’ll want a bra that is out of sight and out of mind: Something comfortable and strapless.  Believe it or not, it does exist.

The Elomi Smoothing Strapless was once again my hero for this trend, finally letting me wear this amazing Maripol polaroid print slip dress without having to worry about finding bra straps that would match (spoiler alert: They don’t exist).  With the clean neckline, I was able to amp up the accessories with statement earrings, an of-the-moment triangular bag, and architectural heels.

I’ve worn this bra multiple times since the shoot, and this Elomi is by far the most comfortable strapless I have ever tried.  It doesn’t feel like it is gouging my sides and digging into my ribcage all day, and my boobs stay exactly where I need them to be.  Finding a strapless that works is a revelation in and of itself, and I am so happy partnering with Bare Necessities led me to this one.

I am excited about Bare Necessities in general, too.  After seeing how much everyone there cares about women feeling confident and supported, literally and figuratively, I was intrigued.  The depths of their bra knowledge and the impressive variety of sizes and styles really clinched it for me.  I’ve been pretty resigned to boring, utilitarian bras for a while now, so seeing all the different brands and colors in my size has me constantly planning my next bra purchase.  The fact that Bare Necessities made bra shopping exciting again might be my favorite part.

This post is in partnership with Bare Necessities.  All thoughts and opinions my own, as always!