Maxi Dress Season

Summer has officially hit NYC, which means it is time for iced coffee, needlessly long trips to the beach (seriously, they are all less than 10 miles away but take at least an hour to get to), and that summer sartorial fave, maxi dresses!  There is no item of clothing that is both this easy to wear and this likely to garner tons of compliments.  Something about the sweeping floor length must evoke images of red carpet-worthy gowns, because people frequently read maxi dresses as being “dressed up,” even on the most low-key of days.

After celebrating my husband’s birthday and book launch on Saturday night, we spent his actual birthday having a wonderfully laid back day at home.  We only ventured out for iced chai lattes later in the day once the craving struck.

Sitting outside drinking a delicious iced chai in a breezy maxi dress and reading my husband’s new book is pretty much summer perfection.  Ria’s Web of Lies is the first in his new series, and is a fun urban fantasy novel about a NYC girl who is also a monster hunter.  It is the perfect summer read if you like a kickass woman protagonist, and its available now!  I promise it will be the best $3 you’ll spend all week:

Ria’s Web of Lies by Nigel Henry

Outfit details:

Mixed print maxi dress: Simply Be

Strapless bra: Curvy Couture

Reflective sunglasses: JCPenney

Block heel mules: Boohoo (back in stock!)