#CurvilyEats: Iced Coffee Season!

New York weather has been characterized by wild mood swings this year, but as it is now officially late May, I think I can safely say that it is *officially* iced coffee season.  With so many coffee shops to choose from, I want to share some of my favorite iced coffee in NYC, including the best iced lattes and mochas for all your cold caffeine needs.

Cold brew and Marie Odile for Soltek clutch at Jolly Goat

Classic cold brew: 

The Jolly Goat, 515 West 47th Street.  If you find yourself in Times Square, go West for one of my favorite cold brew coffees in the city (and to get out of Times Square, for goodness sake!).  Made in house with an exclusive Nicaraguan bean roasted in Brooklyn, it is smooth and potent, and absolutely perfect for a hot summer day.

Madman Espresso, 234 West 35th Street.  With six locations throughout the city, and a philosophy of high end end coffee without the snobbery, Madman is another go-to for cold brew.  This Garment District location is convenient, bright, and airy, and is a great place to refuel after shopping.

Iced coffee with flair:

Blue Bottle, 450 West 15th Street.  This Oakland import now has nine locations in NYC, and served me my first truly great latte half a decade ago.  The latte is so good that I had a hard time ever ordering anything else, but the barista strongly recommended their New Orleans Iced Coffee on the first hot day of the year, and suddenly I had a difficult decision to make each time I visited.  This glorious smoky creation blends the NOLA tradition of chicory coffee with Blue Bottle’s perfectionist brew, and the result is worth the usual 5 minute wait.  This Meatpacking location is also right next to the High Line, so grab a cup to go and sip it while people watching.

Iced Lattes:

Doughnut Plant, 31-00 47th Avenue, Long Island City.  If you want your iced drink espresso-based and classic, this is the spot.  Doughnut Plant’s creamy latte is all about simple perfection: No bells or whistles, just damn good.  There are four stand-alone locations around the city, including this one in Queens, another in Brooklyn, and two more in Manhattan.  Their donuts aren’t my favorite (that honor goes to Dough), but if you are tempted, go for the Creme Brulee, which is truly all it is cracked up to be.

Adventure Cafe, 85 Delancey Street.  This tiny spot has a great name (am I the only one who immediately hears it to the tune of the Adventure Time theme song?), and one of my hands-down favorite summer drinks: The iced lavender latte.  I live all the way uptown, and I still make a point to get down here to drink this beautiful creation as often as I can.  I would totally take advantage of their $45/month unlimited coffee program if I lived closer (its just that good).

Iced Mocha:

Kobrick Coffee, 24 9th Avenue.  If you want your cold caffeinated kick to also feel like an amazing dessert, this decadent iced mocha is everything.  The cafe is dark and chic, seamlessly switching from coffee shop to bar around happy hour, and also offers an amazing cheese board if you are feeling peckish.  Kobrick also roasts excellent coffee, so keep an eye out for their beans at your local spot – my favorite bakery ChocNYC serves them, so I have great iced coffee closer to home too.