Quick Look: Cozy Casual

Alternative title: This vest is pretty much a blanket, and I’m okay with that.

Layering is so essential for NYC winters.  First, you have to keep warm on the walk to and from the train.  Second, you have to keep yourself from boiling alive on the often packed subway cars.  Third, you have to stay comfortable in the often-unpredictable temps at your office – will today be freezing or sauna like?  Who knows!  And if you want to go shopping or out to drinks after work, prepare to jump between icy winds and 80+ degree interiors.   Wearing easily customizable is the only way to the make navigating the ever changing climate demands manageable.

For this look, I wore my trusty convertible Evolve top from Encircled as a half sleeve, off-the-shoulder tee.  With this drapey-yet-structured sweater vest from Rafaella on top, I was cozy all day but never overheating.  It is on serious sale right now too!  Win-win.

With a wide brim hat to help a bad hair day, and lots of gold jewelry from Rocksbox (free trial with code CURVILYXOXO), like this Gorjana twist bracelet, I had a fun casual look for a cold Monday in the city.