Wardrobe Want: Technicolor Fur Bag

I tend to err on the side of versatility when it comes to handbags, but this purple faux fur purse from inclusive label Ready to Stare has me throwing prudence out the window.  It is over the top in the best way; fun in handbag form.  The lavender shade is perfectly on trend for Spring, but it comes in other bold hues as well.  

If you are not familiar with Ready to Stare, check out their lovely philosophy:

“Ready to Stare is a brand of handmade statement jewelry and apparel in sizes S-5X. Ready to Stare is designed for people who believe in following their passion, loving themselves and inspiring others to do the same.”

Designer Alysse Dalessandro has repeatedly declared that inclusivity is key for her – she commits to offering everything in the full size range, and does not charge more for larger sizes.  Her prices are very reasonable, especially considering everything is handmade.  Definitely an indie designer to watch!

Back to the purse: Would you rock it?  Let me know in the comments!