If you are looking for a comfortable update to your bra drawer, this post is for you! I partnered with longtime fave Curvy Couture to test out six of their wire-free styles, and share my honest review of all six plus size wireless bras. I am so excited to share all my feedback and – of course – detailed sizing info! I was also able to get an exclusive discount code for you reader babes: INFCURVILY.

If you’re a long-time reader, you know this isn’t the first time I’ve worn Curvy Couture. I’ve actually been a fan of Curvy Couture for eight years now – their award-winning strapless bra was the first one ever that actually worked for me! I also love that they are a woman-owned company, and particularly one that caters to the very under-served plus size full-bust market. Their underwire bras were one of go-to styles for a while, but – and I expect I’m not alone in this – over the last few years, my bra preferences have drastically changed!

Now that so many of us are demanding comfort first and foremost, underwire is more of a special occasion thing for me (even if that occasion is just that I want the girls *sitting*). For the most part though, I’m wearing wireless bras. So when I stopped by Curvy Couture’s booth at CURVE New York (a big industry trade show) and saw all their cute new wireless options, my interest was immediately piqued. After chatting with them about some of their innovative fit and support details, I knew I wanted to try them out myself to see how they’d work on a fuller bust with heavy boobs.

I’ve spent the last few weeks wear testing multiple wire-free Curvy Couture styles, and this is what I found:

Smooth Seamless Comfort Wireless LonglineBest for cute lounging and low-key layering

For a long time, bralettes were something I thought just were “not for me” – mostly because I was always told that my large chest needed to be lifted as high as possible at all times (the words “fight gravity” were used a lot). Back in those bad old days (before unlearning toxic beauty standards that expect women to look like Barbies), I would look longingly at cute seamless lounge bralettes similar to this one, wishing I could wear them. The fact that styles like this basically did not exist in my bust size didn’t help either. Thankfully, Curvy Couture has taken their extensive knowledge and experience about what is needed for a supportive full bust bra and applied it to a seamless wirefree style to create a cute, comfortable lounge bralette.

This style has all the hallmarks of the fun lounge bralettes I’ve always wanted: On trend colors; soft, supportive fabric; and cute style details. If you know me and how much I love purple, it is no surprise that I went for this Lavender Mist hue, but the sunny Saffron yellow and bright Coral are both on my wishlist now that I know how comfortable and easy to wear this bralette is, and especially now knowing that it is supportive enough to wear outside as a fashion layer. I can easily envision some casual summer looks with these longline bralettes – like how cute would this look under an oversized button-down with a pair of cargo pants or cut off shorts?

This bra comes in seven colors (!!!) and in sizing equivalents of 34D-46DD, with some sizes going up to H cups. I typically wear a 42H and their equivalent 4XL (which is what I’m wearing here) fit comfortably. I might try the 3XL next time to compare the sizing, because this material has a great amount of stretch. For this and all the styles featured here, I definitely recommend double-checking Curvy Couture’s detailed Fit Finder before ordering – I love that they have specific sizing charts and conversions for each style for more accuracy!

Smooth Seamless Comfort Wireless BraBest for an everyday underwire alternative for full busts.

Whereas the longline version of Curvy Couture’s Smooth Seamless is more of a chill lounge option, their classic Smooth Seamless packs more of a bra punch. This soft bra manages to replicate a lot of the structure and support of a classic underwire, but without any wire or boning at all. All the support is built in with fabric, with a soft internal sling structure that lifts and projects, and also points things forward. The seamless fabric of this bra is also super comfortable, and I never felt like anything was digging, rubbing, or making itself known at all.

In the course of the last few weeks wear testing these bralettes, I found myself reaching for this Smooth Seamless style time and time again. It is comfortable enough to lounge in, and it has become my go-to for work from home days. It has straps that are thin enough to wear under most tanks, but wide enough that they don’t cut into my shoulders. It also looks great under clothes, even when I’m wearing something tight and formfitting (like today). The internal structure means there is no side boob spillover, so everything looks smooth and sleek.

I’ve also noticed that after I put this bra on in the morning, I never need to adjust it again – it just stays in place all day! The fact that it has a J hook built in to be able to convert into a racerback style was also super helpful when I wanted to wear a cropped tank on an uncharacteristically warm day last weekend.

This bra comes in five colors, in band sizes the equivalent of 34-46, and in cup sizes up to H. I’m just above a 42H by measurements, and the 4XL+ fit me perfectly (the + on the sizing for this one indicates it is better for a fuller cup). Curvy Couture’s bras are all very affordable for the quality, but the price point on the Smooth Seamless is excellent for a supportive full bust bra that holds up to daily wear – and even better with my reader code INFCURVILY!

Luxe Lace Wireless BraletteBest for classic lacy bralette vibes

When I think “bralette,” this type of pretty, lacy style is the first thing that pops to mind. Unfortunately, boho lace bralettes like this never really came in my size (and the ones that did were often so flimsy as to be useless), so it has been a style I’ve had to love from afar, until now! Curvy Couture really nailed the combination of form and function with this wireless lace bralette. It is pretty enough to wear by itself, and looks so cozy chic when worn under a chunky knit sweater.

It also does hold up as a regular bra when worn under clothing (with the caveat that the lace is textured, so you may be able to see the texture under thinner or more form-fitting tops). I wore mine under a jumpsuit for a trip to the MoMA, and it was comfortable and generally unnoticeable throughout the day (a good thing, to be clear – unless it is part of the look, I *never* want to have to think about my bra when I’m wearing it!) But the pretty scalloped lace deserves to be seen, so I’d primarily recommend this for looks where it is going to at least peek out, whether that is an oversized button-down tied up over it, a sheer top, or with a fringe overpiece for classic festival fashion vibes.

This bralette is available in three colors (black, lavender, and this olive), and with the + sizing options for fuller cup sizes.

Sheer Mesh Bralette – Best for a fashion moment and on-trend layering, because this bra deserves to be seen!

When I was checking out Curvy Couture’s new styles at CURVE, this mesh bralette was the one that got me the most excited. Mesh is one of THE biggest trends for Spring/Summer 23 in fashion, and based on what I saw on the Fall/Winter runways last month, I expect it will continue to have a major presence well into 2024. Given the see-through nature of the trend, having cute layering options is key, but there aren’t many minimal mesh bralettes available in plus – let alone ones that actually work on larger boobs. So Curvy Couture’s sleek Sheer Mesh Bralette felt like a major find, especially since it is available in minimal black, trending hot fuchsia, and a fun leopard colorway. Only one question remained: Would it actually work on my heavy boobs?

I’m happy to report that the answer is yes! I was impressed with the fit and support from the moment I tried this on, and I love that it has a J-hook on the back for the option to convert it into a racerback – a bit of style versatility that also can add some extra lift, if you are looking for a perkier silhouette. The double layer of mesh in the bralette also keeps the style sheer without it being basically naked, something that empowered me to wear it out as a top under a blazer! To be clear, it is still pretty see-through, but not overly so for me in a safe environment with people I trust. I wouldn’t wear it by itself on the subway, for example, but it was a nice way to dip a toe into the “free the nipple” trend while still feeling supported and without feeling too exposed. And when I want more coverage, I’ll be using these bralettes as a base layer underneath all the cute mesh tops and dresses I’ve been accumulating.

The sizing for this style felt consistent with the other Curvy Couture styles I tried – I got a 4XL in this and it fit comfortably with no squeezing or digging. I might even try a size down in this one in my next order. And the price point on this is also amazing for a supportive full bust option: Only $32 full price, and just $25 after applying my reader code (INFCURVILY).

Cotton Luxe Unlined Wireless – Best for a natural, breathable day-to-day underwire alternative in classic cup sizes

This was one of the first Curvy Couture wireless bras I tried for this wear test, simply because I pulled it out, tried it on, and it was immediately so comfortable that I just decided to wear it for my busy day of errands, picking my friend up from the airport, and running around the city. This style looks great under clothing, has a good amount of lift and support, and is Curvy Couture’s only wireless style that is sized with traditional cup sizing. I’m generally a 42H, and found this style to be true to size. The molded soft cups provide nice definition – no uniboob here! Of the styles I tried, this one felt most like a traditional bra, and had the most control due to the light compression built in to the cotton blend fabric. I’ve also reached for this one repeatedly for daily wear, and if you prefer a cotton based option, this is definitely my recommendation for a wire free bra for every day use.

This Cotton Luxe style comes in a great size range, with sizes from 34DD to 46H. It also comes in seven different colors, with two of the colors on sale now too – and my reader code INFCURVILY stacks!

Cotton Bralette Two PackBest for lounging if you prefer natural fibers (and love a deal).

If you are a plus size babe with a fuller bust, you don’t need me to tell you how hard it can be to find cotton bras that actually work, let alone at an affordable price point. So the fact that Curvy Couture offers a two-pack of full bust cotton bralettes for $40 is major.

I tried the 3XL in this style, and while it wore comfortably and definitely provided enough support to wear out, there was a bit of spillover in the cup for me. Given what I now know about Curvy Couture’s wireless bra sizing, next time I’ll try the 4xL in this style. I will still wear these though (in fact, I already have been!) The lift is significant even without the J-hook converting it into a racerback, and I love how the cotton blend is nice and breathable (it is 95% cotton!). I expect I’ll be reaching for these more and more as the weather heats up, and they are comfortable enough to wear even at times I’d usually go bra-free at home – being spared from summer boob sweat will be absolutely worth it. This style is also completely opaque, and substantial enough to be worn as a crop top, so don’t be surprised if you see me wearing one of these as a shirt this summer!

Final thoughts:

All in all, I am really impressed with Curvy Couture’s wire-free bras and bralettes. It is so refreshing to have so many styles I’ve wanted forever finally in my size, and – more importantly – ACTUALLY SUPPORTIVE. When it comes to bras, I want form *and* function, and Curvy Couture delivers both with these styles. The price point is also shockingly good, and you can use my reader code INFCURVILY for an extra discount.

I hope this wear-tested review and detailed fit feedback was helpful for you babes! If you have any questions about sizing after this, feel free to comment on my Curvy Couture post on Instagram, and I’d be happy to help.