The Absolute Best Plus Size Sports Bra for Full Busts

When you have big boobs, shopping for bras is always something of a challenge, and doubly so for sports bras. Even now, with more cute plus size athletic wear on the market than ever before, the options for sports bras still tend to skew more towards aesthetic than effective.  So when my reader babes ask me what heavy duty sports bras I recommend for large chests, my answer is simple, because I only have one:

This bra.

When I say this high impact sports bra has been a game-changer for me, I mean it. Before I found this style, I honestly thought running was just not something I could do. No matter what sports bras I tried, nothing comfortably contained the bouncing (not even the dreaded layering-two-bras-hack).

But this sports bra comfortably contains my L cup chest – even though they don’t technically have my size! I just order the closest approximate sister size and it does the trick better than some technically-correct size bras. If you aren’t familiar with sister sizing, it is when you go up a band and down a cup size, or vice versa. Cup sizes are dependent on band sizes (the letter sizing just indicates the amount of difference from band to cup), so that is a way to get extra cup space if a style doesn’t come in your exact size. If you want to learn more about this concept, Playful Promises has a great guide on their blog that even has a handy sister size conversion chart.

Sarah smiling in a black plus size sports bra

Back to my hands-down favorite sports bra for big boobs: This particular style is one that I have been wearing since 2017, and I’ve never found anything else that comes close for high-impact workouts. I have a collection of these bras in different prints and colors, and they all are just as effective, whether they are the newer wicking style (pictured above in black), or the classic molded cup (pictured at the top in grey and black). This style comes in band sizes 34-54, and cup sizes up to H.

This bra also look great under tops if you prefer more coverage (or just want to rock a cute matching set):

Sarah posing in a matchig taupe athletic set from Reebok

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments of the Youtube video above (I just am getting started over there too, so I’d love if you could be one of my first followers on YouTube!) or in the comments on Instagram or TikTok!