My Five Favorite Places for Plus Size Jean Shorts

Left to Right: Dia, Lane Bryant, FTF, Target, Eloquii

Denim is one of the hardest things to shop for – especially online – and somehow, denim shorts are even harder. So as temperatures heat up, I always make it a point to try to find the best plus size jean shorts out there for my readers. Over the last few weeks I’ve been #inthefittingroom and buying new styles to try on, and after all that, these are my top 5 jean places to shop jean shorts for plus size in 2022:

Eloquii (Size 14-28) Consistently one of my go-tos for on-trend, fashionable pieces specifically made for plus size bodies, Eloquii delivers when it comes to shorts. Right now, they have a nice variety of denim short styles, ranging from classic cutoffs to my favorite pair of mom jean shorts (above) to shorts with fun details like split tone or a crossover waist. One thing to note with Eloquii though – the best styles tend to sell out quickly, so if you see something you like, don’t wait too long or it might be gone for good. And always check for a discount code before checking out!

Fashion to Figure (Sizes 12-28) I tend to like my shorts short, and FTF always has options for when I want to feel hot (figuratively, not literally). My high-low fringe pair from last summer was a fave for wearing over swim, and this pair of ultra-high-rise cutoffs that I just got are going to be a night-out staple this year. If you are looking for a sexy, trendy pair of jean shorts, Fashion to Figure is a great place to start.

Lane Bryant (Sizes 12-40) Summer after summer, I find myself wearing my Lane Bryant jean shorts a lot. Not every style they offer is my aesthetic (see my above preference for short shorts!). But the pairs I buy end up in heavy rotation, because, like their denim, their shorts are made for plus size bodies and tend to have a nice amount of stretch without losing their shape. I also appreciate that they have a variety of aesthetics in a great size range – because, as I always say, plus size women are not a monolith, and style is always personal!

Dia & Co. (Sizes 10-32) My most-worn pair of jean shorts last year was a Dia find (a super high rise cutoff pair from their brand Meri Skye). This exact pair sold out pretty fast, but they have some great new options this season. Another thing I love about Dia is that you can try out styles from various brands (including big names like Madewell; faves like Warp & Weft and Kut from the Kloth; and new to me brands like Slink Jeans, 1822 Denim, and Liverpool Los Angeles) all in one order, and easily return anything that doesn’t work for you – always a plus when it comes to a style as difficult to shop for as jean shorts!

Target (Sizes 0-30W) This is a new addition to my faves list, because, despite loving Target’s clothing in general, I have never really been a fan of their jean shorts until this year. It seems like they’ve worked on improving their fit, because I would have bought every pair of shorts from a recent try on (if only I had the budget for it). I only took one pair home, but I am impressed with their fit now (especially considering their lower price point).  Their plus size line Ava & Viv has some cute short styles, and their trendier line Wild Fable also has some great options starting at $12. One thing to note though: If you are shopping Wild Fable, make sure to check the size chart and get a true plus size option, because as I learned the hard way: Their size 18 in straight sizes is NOT the same as their size 18W in plus (the straight size 18 is MUCH smaller!)