Plus Size Festival Fashion Guide: Where to Shop the Best 2022 Looks

Festival season is here – Coachella starts today – which means it is officially time for one of the most fun genres of dressing: Festival fashion. Whether your day-to-day style is more reserved or you are someone who already errs on the side of maximalism, festival fashion is the perfect chance to push yourself even further. Sequins, fringe, wild patterns, mesh, bras as tops? Yes yes yes to all of the above! This is one instance where the concept of “too much” is pretty irrelevant, and I love it.

Whatever your aesthetic, festival fashion is THE time to go all out with all the statement pieces and flashy items you love but might not have an occasion to wear otherwise.  There are definitely some practical considerations to keep in mind (check out my Curvily Guide to Coachella for my IRL festival experiences and important tips), but nothing that stops you from dressing like the opulent festival babe you are.

And fortunately, there are so many more plus size options for festival wear now than when I went to Coachella a few years back, so you can really create your own dream looks by mixing and matching pieces from these festival faves. I’m rounding up all the best places to shop plus size festival wear below:

Where to shop for plus size festival fashion in 2022:

Rainbow: When I am looking for statement-y, bold pieces on a BUDGET, Rainbow is usually one of my first stops. Shopping them in-store can honestly be a bit chaotic and overwhelming at times, so I love that they have started putting more of their plus size selection online.  And a lot of their pieces are very festival ready (like this multicolor chainmail dress I wore for Mardi Gras).

ASOS: With over 6,000 items in their Curve section right now – and a good number of those very fun and festival ready statement pieces – ASOS is a great place to go if you are looking for something in particular in plus for your festival looks.

BP: This trendy Nordstrom house brand has become one of my go-tos over the past couple of years, with an affordable price point, of-the-moment styles, and sizes XS-4X.  And because it is from Nordstrom, it comes with their excellent return policy, so it is a low-risk place to order from even if you aren’t sure of your size (I do have some Nordstrom #inthefittingroom try ons saved as Highlights on my Instagram profile if you want to see more about BP sizing too). You can also find major discounts on BP pieces at the Rack.

Wild Fable: I can’t remember if Wild Fable came before BP or vice versa, but these two brands have a similar young, trendy vibe, with Wild Fable being Target’s version. Their plus size selection turns over quickly (I always recommend that people buy something they love from them right away, because the cutest plus stuff often sells out FAST), and a bunch of cute bold colors and prints that are perfect for festival fashion.

Tamara Malas: One of my favorite plus size designers, Tamara makes fun designs in sizes 6-32, with lots of great prints and bold looks that are totally festival ready (I mean, how good is this melting smiley print dress?) If you find something you love, I have a reader code you can use for a discount: Just enter CURVILY at checkout.

Fashion to Figure: If you want your festival looks to sing “body ody ody ody ody ody ody,” FTF is a great place to start. From curve-hugging cutoffs to catsuits and form-fitting rompers, they have a bunch of options that will have you looking as HOT as the Coachella desert (which, to be clear, is VERY hot).

Selkie: If your festival vibes are more ethereal princess fairy, a Selkie dress is IT. They are definitely a bit of an investment, but every time I wear one I just feel so pretty, and like the main character in the best way, so it’s really all about the experience. Just make sure to pair it with comfortable shoes! P.S. If you use this link and the code CURVILY, you can get a discount too! And if this is your first Selkie dress, check out my Spring Dress Guide for my Selkie plus fit and sizing tips.

Boohoo: Another UK based brand with thousands and thousands of plus size options, Boohoo is one of the places I look when I’m having a hard time finding a trendy item I want in plus. Not every style is represented, but the prices are low and they sell a lot of festival fashion, so the options are plentiful.

Baacal: If fast fashion isn’t your thing, consider investing in a gorgeous ethically and sustainably made designer caftan from Baacal, which just launched a line of festival ready caftans with plus size singer Lord Troy. These styles will bring the glam to the desert (and if you are a true last minute shopper, you can pick one up this weekend at their pop up in Palm Springs).

By Vinnik: Another great option for flowy, rich boho vibes in a great size range, this ethically made in LA label has everything from dramatic capes to sequined caftans.

Ashley Stewart: This site has quite a range of plus options in sizes up to 36, from workwear to church ready dresses. Don’t get overwhelmed: For festival wear, start with their Curvy Girl collection (and don’t forget to check the clearance section of the same), and also check out the swim coverups (some of which can make great festival layering pieces)

Nasty Gal: When you are going for OTT pieces like metallic fringe jackets, rhinestone trim pants or bold colors in light catching sheeny fabrics, you’ll probably find what you are looking for at Nasty Gal. Just keep in mind that they are fast fashion and their sizing is hit or miss, but sometimes the discounts can make the prices worth the gamble (especially in the sale section).

Pretty Little Thing: This fast fashion giant has a lot of festival ready looks, but definitely check out the reviews if you can – their sizing is notoriously all over the place. It’s a risk I might be willing to take for pieces like these fringe shorts or these plaid mesh pants.

Finesse: Their new efficient and affordable made-on-demand sales model has great potential for people who want the latest trends without the wasteful production that comes with fast fashion. I just got a pair of lavender PVC pants from them that I love (but that would be WAY too hot for the desert), and they have lots of cute and festival ready styles in size XS-3X.

If you are more of a visual person, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces available to shop now below:


Whatever look you decide to go for with your festival fashion, just have fun with it, remember to pack some thigh chafe protection like Megababe, and don’t worry about anyone thinking you are doing too much – if anything, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many compliments you get when you push outside of your sartorial comfort zone! I’d love to see your looks for Coachella and beyond too – tag me in your #CurvilyFinds for your festival looks this summer <3