Packing for Festival Season with Simply Be

Summer is flying by, but thankfully there are still so many dates left in 2018’s #festivalseason.  I kicked it off at Coachella with Simply Be and a group of amazing women, and every time I look back on the trip, I am both grateful that I got to spend this time with them, and also impressed with how many great looks I was able to stuff into a tiny standard international carry on 🙂

With Madeline Jones, Alissa Wilson, Nicole Simone, and Liz Black

If you are heading to a festival, read on for my tips on what to pack (and what to leave) to maximize your festival weekend style, from brunches to parties to the main event – no baggage fees required!

Tip #1: Wear your bulky pieces to the airport

I am all about traveling in comfort, but if you want your festival weekend wardrobe to pack (pun intended) a serious punch, keep your bigger pieces, like this perfect oversized denim jacket, out of your luggage altogether.  Depending on the trip length and how comfortable they are, you might want to apply this to shoes too, which leads me to my next strong recommendation:

Tip #2: Bring at LEAST two pairs of comfortable, durable shoes

You might be tempted to rely on just one pair of versatile sneakers and call it a day for practicality, but if your festival is anything like Coachella, you are going to WALK.  And you are going to STAND.  And your feet will be dead tired at the end of all that, even if you are in your most comfortable sneakers.  Although these moto boots were a space hog in my luggage, it was oh so worth it to have a pair that I could swap into that (1) supported my tired feet, and (2) protected me from drunk people crushing my toes.  And unless you actually hover over the ground or have a group of men to carry you around all day, don’t wear thin heels.  Every girl we saw in them looked absolutely miserable as they sank into the dusty ground with every step.

Tip #3: Woven and sheer fabrics take up very little space

For maximum mixing and matching potential, pack lightweight separates like these incredible wide leg polka dot pants (so comfortable; so tiny in the bag when rolled up tightly!), and sheer pieces that can go from poolside to party:

This Simply Be sheer maxi dress beach dress is sold out, but this romper in the same style has tons of styling potential too. Mesh pieces roll down even smaller, and are perfect for festival layering.

Tip #4: Make room for your statement pieces!

This sequin kimono and shorts set from Simply Be (which sold out almost immediately when it hit the site!) was almost bulkier than the denim jacket, but if there is ever a time to go over the top with the glitter, it is a festival (particularly if you are going to see Beyonce!).  A full-on sequin look is highly recommended if you want to get stopped and complimented all day long.

If you love the multicolor sequins of my set, the dress in the same fabric is still available.  Simply Be also just released a cute new sequin shorts coord (top here, shorts here).

Tip #5: Athleisure is the look for the last day

By day 3, we were all bone tired from two full days and nights of partying, and if I had to put on anything more involved than this super cute and soft athleisure combo, I might not have made it.  The long sleeves gave my arms some much-needed respite from the sun, but the crop top length and the slits on the pants kept me cool for all the dancing ahead (like when a very pregnant Cardi B made a surprise appearance during the Migos set). P.S. Both the top and the side snap pants are on sale now!

Tip #6: Pack so much suncreen (and reapply!)

For the love of God, just do it.