The Cutest Romper (For People Who Don’t Do Rompers)

It’s no secret that I love a good romper.  Done right, it is a quick and easy outfit in one piece, and the compliments always roll in.  I wear a ton of them in the summer, and always enthusiastically recommend my favorites to my readers.  But there is the question I get time and again: What about going to the bathroom? I get it: Disrobing in a public restroom stall is more than a lot of people feel comfortable with.  I am honestly so used to it now that I don’t bat an eyelash at the prospect, but when I saw this two piece set from Lane Bryant, I knew I had to try it.

Even though it looks just like a romper, this coord set is actually an off the shoulder top and a pair of cute shorts, so there’s no need to get fully undressed to pee.  The fact that it is two pieces also makes it fully adjustable to accommodate different body types: You can put the waistband wherever it feels comfortable, and there is a ton of shirt tucked in to my shorts, so plenty of room for longer torsos.

The versatility of the pieces is also multiplied: Wear it as a faux romper tucked in like this, or tie up the top for a crop and shorts coord effect. Wear the on-trend off the shoulder top with a pair of ankle jeans, or wear the shorts (they have pockets!) with a cute tee and sandals for a casual weekend look.