The Savage X Fenty Launch Party + Plus Size Try On

I got to attend the launch party for Rihanna’s new lingerie line Savage X Fenty last night (thanks Liz!), and it was AMAZING.

The moment we walked in, we were greeted by giant images of models in the collection.  Much like she did with Fenty Beauty (which I wore to the launch), Rihanna committed to diverse model representation, with women of different shapes and sizes represented on the floor-to-ceiling photographs and art films.

Many of the campaign models were in attendance, including one of my faves (and a face you probably recognize), Stella Duval.

Stella is wearing the Savage X Fenty Bandeau Bralette

Becca Thorpe, VP of Muse NYC and director of their Curve division, was in attendance as well.  It is always so good to see her! (She’s been a major force in getting more plus model representation in campaigns, BTW).

One of my favorite things about events like this is running into so many of my fashion people.  Liz and I ended up chatting awhile with Caroline Vazzana about her upcoming book Making it in Manhattan (so exciting!)  While we were standing there, the lights dimmed and the music changed, and we all looked expectantly towards the stage, hoping to see Rihanna emerge.  Turns out, it was Rih times three!

A 10+ foot tall hologram strutted out, and multiplied into three Rihannas in a blink.  Even for this virtual appearance, the crowd was rapt.  The Savage X Fenty pieces look amazing in action, especially the long yellow lace slip.  Cries of “YESSSS THICK RIHANNA” rang out as her avatar dipped it low in a garter and corset combo from the Black Widow collection.

After the hologram show ended, we headed to the bar to check out some of the themed cocktails.  I’m not usually a huge cognac fan (overheard warnings from my youth about the potent dangers of ‘dark liquor’ seemed to have made an imprint), but Rihanna’s hologram had inspired me too much to pass up the Black Widow.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it – the lightness of the elderflower and bright blackberry notes made it wonderfully drinkable.

They also served the cutest little packets of chips and Shake Shack burgers (long live fashion events with real food!)

The pop up shop opened at 6:30, and Liz and I were first in line, having strategically loitered near the entrance 🙂

The pop up had a selection of items available for purchase (which sadly did not include the yellow lace slip Rihanna’s hologram sold so effectively.

Pieces were available in both straight and plus sizes, but the plus options were more limited.  I bypassed the bras entirely (this first launch only has sizes up to a DD cup – well below what I need), and tried on a couple of pieces of non-cup size lingerie.

This off the shoulder Swiss dot teddy sadly only came in sizes up to an XL, but it was stretchy so I figured I’d give it a shot.  The body fit fine, but it was way too small through the bust (giving me the dreaded four boob look).

This mint marabou babydoll was much more successful.  This is one of the mose statement-y pieces available in plus from Savage X Fenty, so naturally I had to give it a shot.  I tried on the 2x, and the fit was great through the bust.  There was also substantial stretch on the waistband, so it should work on some a size larger than me as well.  The marabou and pastel combo had serious vintage vibes too.  A bunch of my followers even said I look like a plus fembot – pew pew! 😉

Despite being on a tight shopping budget right now, I loved the babydoll and considered scooping it up, but as I was changing back I heard that Rihanna (the person, not the hologram) was going to be on the other side shortly.  I hustled back over, somehow losing Liz in the process, but found model babe Denise Bidot in the front row.

Shortly after, Rihanna appeared in the crowd with her signature glass in hand (#goals), wearing Savage X Fenty.

We all watched her watch her hologram for the first time, and it was pretty much the cutest thing.

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna is even more gorgeous and radiant in real life.  It was a little surreal that I was hanging out just a couple of feet away.  A bit later, she got on stage and gave a short speech thanking her Savage X Fenty partners (next to her supersized hologram!).  The rest of the night was a dance party, and only my tired feet and the prospect of the long train right back from Brooklyn prevented me from staying til the very end.

It was a fantastic event, and an informative one too.  I’m very glad Rihanna included plus sizes and diverse bodies in the launch of Savage X Fenty, but I definitely want more available in plus.  Fortunately, Liz found out from an insider that they are planning on expanding the bra size range and offering more in plus sizes.  There’s not a firm date for this expansion yet, but I do appreciate that they are listening to the demand.  Also, larger cup sizes take work to get right – there’s a lot more engineering involved when it comes to supporting bigger breasts!  So I am willing to give them time to get it right, which is one of the reasons they cited for not launching the full range in plus outright.  So many brands will just shrug and say “we can’t do plus,” so including plus in this major launch is a step in the right direction.   Of course, continue letting the brand know what you want in #plussizeplease, and let your voice be heard so they can better understand demand!

Shop Savage X Fenty here

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