Fashion + Representation: The Relaunch of Simply Be US

When I first started reading plus fashion blogs years ago, Simply Be was one of the brands I fell in love with.  Primarily UK based at the time, it had options I couldn’t find anywhere else in plus.  Over the past five years, as plus fashion has become more widely available, I’ve seen them change and grow, but many of their campaigns showcased the smaller end of their size 6-32 US size range.  In preparation for their US relaunch today, Simply Be spoke to myself and other plus fashion veterans about what we wanted to see from them.  The biggest point was greater representation, particularly among the larger sizes.  The other thing many of us focused on was fashion-forward designs.

I love when a brand listens, and Simply Be is relaunching their US line today with two collections designed specifically for the on-trend US customer: Swim and athleisure.  This asymmetrical pleated dress from the athleisure collection is an absolute dream, and like nothing I’ve seen in plus before.  I can’t wait to add it to my closet.

This launch campaign already has more size diversity than many previous campaigns (and plus campaigns in general – it is still so rare to see size 18 models), but Simply Be is committing to do more by including models size 20+ in upcoming editorial campaigns.

I love seeing editorial fashion shoots with women who have long been underrepresented in fashion, so I really appreciate Simply Be being proactive with this decision.  If their swim campaign for the relaunch is indicative of what is to come, I am excited to see more.

This type of whimsical, tongue-in-cheek beach shoot has long been reserved for thin models, so it is great to see a body that looks more like mine getting to frolic in the sand.

T-Rex not included


Honestly so impressed that they were able to get this shot/Now I need a giant beachball

The swim and athleisure collections are just the first two that they are launching exclusive to the U.S. market.  I will be partnering with Simply Be on their upcoming specially curated Festival collection (drops in March, just in time for the kickoff of festival season with Coachella!), and I can’t wait to share that with you.  There will also be pop up stores in cities and college towns across the country this summer, so you can get to know the brand in person, but as always, I’m happy to answer questions about fit if you have them 🙂

Check out the Simply Be US Relaunch and Full Campaigns Here

Post in partnership with Simply Be.  All thoughts and opinions my own, as always!