Wardrobe MVPs: November 2017

I can’t lie: I have a lot of clothes.  Like, A LOT.  This was true even before I was a blogger (shopping is my #1 method of stress relief, after all), but now that this is my job, my wardrobe is getting even more jam-packed.  Even with more options than the average bear, I still end up reaching for a few favorites time and time again.  While I never post about anything I don’t actually like, these Most Valuable Pieces have been my go-tos this month.  Read on to see what I can’t stop wearing and why:

My Leather Moto from All67

After years of settling for faux leather that always eventually falls apart, having a well-made real leather jacket is a serious game changer.  I’ve been wearing this almost constantly since I got it – there are few things that don’t look good with a classic moto.  The detachable fur collar ups the versatility (and the coziness!)

My Fishnet Jeans from Torrid

I was intrigued by these jeans when I first saw them on Torrid, but had no idea they’d become my go-to pair when I ordered them.  The fishnet detailing is simultaneously stretchy and sturdy, and the style adds a little edge to any look.  I get compliments and questions about these every single time I wear them.  I’ve had straight size girls ask me where I got them and seen their faces fall in disappointment when I tell them its a plus brand, and I have to say, it is kind of nice to be on the other side of that exchange for once!  The fit is true to size too.  This mineral wash black tee has been another favorite too – the length is perfect for tucking, and it is so soft that I’ve ended up wearing it all the time.

My Black Ankle Denim from Lane Bryant

Maybe my most-worn of all of these has been this perfect pair of ankle jeans.  True to size with the right combination of stretch and structure, actually hitting at the right spot on my calf (because they come in petites), and a rich, saturated black wash has made these indispensable.  They look just as good with classic Adidas as they do with ankle boots, and the higher rise makes them the perfect accompaniment for a bodysuit or casual crop top.

My Camel Coat from Ellos

On days where I need a little warmth or want to add some classic structure, this camel wool coat is my go-to.  With brogues and ankle denim, I can channel menswear vibes, or I can wear with a dress for a chic, pulled together look.  This is a total power piece, and I love the fit too.

My Over the Knee Boots from Lane Bryant

I love these boots so much I got them in two colors (the blue is gorgeous!) – they amp up the look of any outfit, add warmth for chilly days, and the block heel means they are actually walkable for my days running around the city.