Trying Ellos in Vermont

Since Swedish brand Ellos debuted in the United States with plus sizes last year, I’ve been wanting to try out their clothes. My friends who’ve tried the brand have told me that the clothes are well made and versatile, and now that I’ve worn a few pieces I have to agree.

Many of Ellos‘ items have clean lines and a minimal European aesthetic (perfect for my life in NYC), but because I was thinking about my upcoming trip to Vermont when I ordered, I went for some of their more boho options.

This gauzey black top strikes a balance between functional and statement, with ruffles down both sides and lightweight 100% cotton fabric.

Paired with Ellos zip accent cutoff shorts and double strap slide sandals, this outfit would work just as well for NYC as for exploring the waterfalls of our favorite town to stop in on our Vermont trips.  The cut and length of these shorts are both spot on – they stay put on my thighs instead of bunching up at the top (a true rarity).  I sized up one in these (ordered an 18), and that was the right call sizing-wise.

We drove through Bradford, Vermont while taking Scenic Route 5 a few years ago, and ended up stumbling upon one of our favorite pizzas in the world.

The “Native Vermonter” at Colatina Exit is basically Vermont in pizza form, and it is phenomenal.  With spinach, mozzarella, tomato sauce, Vermont cheddar, locally raised bacon, apples, and a drizzle of Vermont maple syrup, this pizza is a gorgeous symphony of flavors.  It is one of those things that is so good that you keep trying to bite into it even when its way too hot, just because you can’t wait to get the amazing taste into your mouth.

It is currently early in the morning as I write this and I would happily eat this pizza right now if it didn’t require a 4 hour drive from where I’m sitting.

The pastas and sandwiches at Colatina Exit are great as well, and if you dine in, they bring out fresh bread with their housemade maple butter (which is as good as it sounds).  With views of rolling mountains in the distance, this is the perfect place to take a break during your drive.  Bradford is just a short distance from 91, too, though I highly recommend driving north on the parallel Highway 5 until at least the next expressway entrance, as it is a beautiful drive.

Before leaving Bradford, check out some of their quaint shops (like the general store) and definitely take a moment to drink in the sounds of the crashing waterfall across from the old mill.

Outfit details:

Side ruffle cotton top: Ellos (size up one)

Zipper detail shorts: Ellos (size up one)

Double strap platform slides: Ellos (on sale now!)