Winter Like a New Yorker

When I moved to NYC from Michigan almost a decade ago (!!!), I quickly realized that even though my homestate is snowier, New York winters require more thought and effort. Here, you are not just running from your door to your car – commutes are filled with windy streets and icy subway stations. Moreover, your outerwear is part of your look, and the part that the majority of people you encounter every day will see.

Finding a great coat (or three) is the first step, but you’ll need more than that to stay cozy on the coldest days.  My grandma always said “all your heat will escape out of your head,” and living in the city has convinced me she was right.  So a statement beanie is the first of my three NYC winter essentials:

Surviving bitter temps means more than winter accessories – you want to be warm head to toe. Leather pants are what helped me survive the coldest days of February fashion weeks past. Real leather is the best if you can get it, but these lined faux ones from Carmakoma are incredibly toasty.  These are from a few years ago, but they have a similar pair on sale now here.  I’ve also rounded up some good options in plus below:

To keep the marriage of style and practicality going, I recommend finishing off your look with a chunky soled boot.  The lug tread keeps you from busting your butt on the omnipresent black ice, and is a fun nod to the 90’s trend that is holding strong for 2017.  Choose a pair with a thick heel to add height without pain.