Musings: Fashion is More than Flattering

Indie designer babe Alysse  of Ready to Stare dropped her first holiday collection today, specifically calling out how she was excited that the collection confronted ideas about what plus size fashion can and cannot be. The picture on the left was shared on Plus Model Magazine’s Instagram and there was SO much vitriol by people who didn’t like it, because it was “unflattering” and hence “setting plus size fashion back” (seriously). Then the pic on the right was shared later and literally every comment was positive.

I have to ask: WHY? Why do so many plus women feel like we have to cinch our waists at all costs? Why can’t we experiment with fun cuts, oversized pieces, and exaggerated silhouettes in the name of fashion just like straight size women? Moreover, why do some of us feel the need to police plus women who do? If someone makes or wears something you don’t like, why can’t you simply say “that’s not my style” (or maybe not even comment)? When straight size designers send some wild ish down the runways, no one bemoans the end of fashion. I’m happy there is more and more variety in plus fashion, with designers making pieces that appeal to different aesthetics. Not every designer is for everyone, AND THAT IS OKAY. Style is about self expression, not looking as thin as possible.