Shift dresses are a relatively new sartorial venture for me.  For a long time, I was too worried about making sure everything I wore was “flattering” to allow myself to enjoy the relaxed awesomeness of a shift.  Being part of the fatshion blogging community has helped me let go of the obsession with looking as small as possible –  a goal which was often attained at the expense of truly expressing myself through my personal style.

Gwynnie Bee has also been a big part of this aspect of my personal style growth.  Knowing I can wear new things without commitment has led me to be more adventurous with my clothing choices.  This perfect springy abstract animal print shift is just one example of something I wouldn’t have ordered without GB, but I ended up loving.  I paired it with a sharp shoulder blazer and neutral flats for a casual Friday at work, and it would have transitioned perfectly for weekend drinks if I wasn’t feeling sick that day :/  But hey, I still felt great in my outfit!

Blazer: Kenneth Cole (via Lord & Taylor)

Abstract print shift dress: ASOS Curve (via Gwynnie Bee)

Opaque tights: Hue

“Izabel” flats: Matt Bernson (available in other colors here)

Moto-esque handbag: Cole Haan