63 Plus Size Coats on Sale Right Now

Yesterday morning, the moment I stepped outside to walk the dog and literally gasped at the freezing air, I knew: We are officially in the depths of winter. It never really hits me until this time of the year – even when it gets cold in November and December, the warmth of all the holiday cheer somehow helps mitigate the sting. But now, with that biting January cold, where the wind hurts your face and your trusty warm jacket is suddenly no longer enough? Whether I like it or not (and I do not), winter 2023 is fully here, and that means it is coat season.

Fortunately, the weird way the fashion calendar functions means that most brands are already focused on spring, so there are a ton of sales happening right now that include deep discounts on winter-ready coats. One thing to note though: These discounts are a bit of a double-edged sword, because they typically indicate that coats won’t be in stock too much longer (and what is worse than needing a coat in the bitter temps of February but not finding anything?)

So to help you find the perfect coat for whatever winter conditions you have in front of you, I’ve rounded up 63 of the best plus size coats on sale right now, with options from budget coats under $20 to big markdowns on high end luxury in plus:

Puffers and Quilted Coats:

Classic Longline Coats:

Faux Fur and Statement Coats:


Shopping tip: If you see something you like but the listed price in the slideshow is too high, click through anyways! A lot of sites are having stackable sale codes or an additional 50% or more off of sale or clearance right now, so the final price might be much cheaper!

And if none of these coats are what you are looking for or you just want more information about my top outerwear recommendations, check out my comprehensive Plus Size Coat Shopping Guide here, with tips and details about what stores are best for different needs and budgets!