Five Indie Plus Size Brands I Can’t Wait to Try

When I first started blogging (over eight years ago!!), I could list the number of plus size brands I was excited about on one hand. Even if I expanded that list to include all the brands I could maybe make work if I got creative with styling, I would still only need two hands. So one of my great joys over the years has been seeing more and more cool, interesting labels pop up that don’t stop at size 14.

The last couple of years in particular have brought about a slew of independent brands with unique aesthetics and covetable pieces, and I want to try them all. Unfortunately, my budget does not allow for the extensive indie plus shopping spree of my dreams, but I’ve started a running wish list that I look forward to ticking off. And this is just the beginning: I’ll be sharing a new handful of indie brands that offer plus each month – something that early blogger Sarah would have barely believed possible!

So without further ado, here are the first five independent designers that I cannot wait to try:

Nooworks (sizes XXS-5X)

This quirky California label is right at the top of my want list. Their unique, art-based prints are recognizable and statement-making, and so many of them just bring a smile to my face – I mean, LOOK at this colorful egg print! From the fit feedback I’ve heard, it is important to pay attention to the fabric type when ordering: Their tee shirt knits have more stretch, and the more substantial fabrics definitely warrant consulting the size chart. Blogger Jamie Hamilton (the model above) writes about Nooworks a lot on her Instagram too, so she’s a good place to start if you are looking for more fit feedback now.  

Selkie (sizes XXS-5X) 

I feel like Selkie is the true Instagram sensation of the last year. The brand has been around for a while, but their signature Puff Dress has been having a major moment lately. And despite being seemingly omnipresent on IG, I never get sick of seeing it. Basically every color and print they offer is dreamy, but I am particularly drawn to the new cloud print. One thing to note: Their size chart does not correspond with the usual measurements for letter sizing (i.e. 1x, 2x, etc.), so be sure to order based on your measurements, not the size you typically identify with. 

Wray NYC (sizes XS-5XL)

This New York-based label is sustainable, ethically made, and steadily turns out bold, eye-catching pieces. I’m currently all about their vibrant ginghams in unexpected hues, including this striking neon lime. Wray is also great about using models that represent many sizes throughout their range, instead of the standard “size 2 and maybe one size 10” combo that many brands who offer plus default to. They also recently launched home goods, so if you want to indulge in a fully matching lifestyle, Wray’s got you covered. 

WASIL Clothing (sizes XS-5X with free custom sizing)

Cottagecore with an edge? Cow print cuteness? Childhood puff paint clouds but make it fashion? Custom brocade corsets? For WASIL Clothing, an ethically made Bay-Area brand, the answer is all of the above and then some. “Slow fashion” can sometimes be code for boring, but that is certainly (and thankfully) not the case with WASIL. I’m particularly smitten with the new Rose Milk Tea blush PVC corset (and not just because it is named after one of my favorite beverages). I just recently came across WASIL, and I am so excited to see more from them. 

Nerecina Couture (sizes L-5X)

From pretty floral satin midis to wedding-worthy custom gowns, LA-based Nerecina Couture is all about creating a luxury experience for sizes that are often left out of the high-end market. These are not everyday pieces, and the price point reflects that, but it makes me happy to see the plus size market start to have a range of options in the same way that the straight size market has for so long. I also appreciate that the founder and designer of the brand is a plus size woman herself – something still all too rare to see in the fashion industry!