OOTD: Shorteralls

There are some garments that are just for fun – not classic, timeless, or even a sensible wardrobe addition – and that is completely okay.  I usually get my fix of trend experiments through Gwynnie Bee, but when I found this Forever 21 Plus pair of striped shorteralls on sale for $13, I figured the price was right for a little frivolity.

I was surprised to find that these overall shorts actually work well in many settings: On one balmy Sunday afternoon, I wore them to a cute Central Park blogger picnic hosted by my girl Monica of Let It Be Worn, to Soho for some dreamy window shopping, and to a casual dinner with my husband and mother in law – she actually loved these!

I decided to go full 90’s with my styling, wearing a velvet heart choker from the Charli XCX collection for Boohoo, and a casual crop top from Rebdolls.  The #OOTD text was too obscured if worn normally, so I decided to wear it backwards for a surprise twist.  This easy switch ended up getting almost as many compliments as the shorteralls themselves.

I’ll definitely be wearing these shorteralls again this summer.  They served as a good reminder:

Styling Tip: Never be afraid to go for an outfit or garment that is just for fun.  Practicality is not the end-all of dressing.

Striped shorteralls: Forever 21 Plus (sold out online)

Velveteen choker: Charli XCX for Boohoo

#OOTD crop top: Rebdolls

White soled flats: Topshop (old)