Quick Look: SoCal Mini

At the end of #epictripns15, my husband and I decided to add one more city to the itinerary to meet my adorable new nephew (my brother had just moved to San Diego the day before we were set to fly back!). At this point in the trip, we were exhausted from all the driving, so we ended up heading to Coronado and just sitting in the surf and relaxing all afternoon.  It was SO needed, and when we we left the beach and took a shower, we felt like new people.  Because I overpack, I could pick just the dress to reflect my mood: This vibrant (and SOFT) tbagslosangeles mini – quite appropriate for our SoCal adventure.  The fact that it was a Gwynnie Bee dress made it even better – when I was done, I could just pop it in the free return bag and pop it in any blue mailbox.  

Reason #878 I love Gwynnie Bee: It frees up more space for shopping while traveling!

Printed mini dress: tbagslosangeles (only available via Gwynnie Bee)

Lace up flats: Lane Bryant (similar below)