#pullingoffacroptop (plus TONS of crops for you to shop)

Despite all the speculation that crop tops had no staying power; that they were a flash in the pan one-season trend, they are just as popular this year as they were last summer.  And if the Fall/Winter 2015 shows are any indication, they are not going away anytime soon.  I for one love the trend, and herald this as great news.

Unfortunately, some seem to only agree if the wearer is very thin.  Stylist Adam Glassman, Creative Director of Oprah’s O Magazine, said that you can wear a crop top “if (and only if!) you have a flat stomach.”  In response, I posted the above picture on Instagram yesterday with the caption:

If the question is “Can I pull off a crop top?” then the answer is YES. Flat stomach, fat stomach, whatever – anyone (and any body) can wear this style. I’m really disappointed in @oprahmagazine for keeping these outmoded “fashion rules” rooted in body shaming alive. Everyone can pull off a crop top of they want to. Join me in tagging your crop top pics #pullingoffacroptop to show that fashion is not limited by size or body type.

The response was amazing!  As of this morning, there are almost 800 posts tagged with #pullingoffacroptop, which is awesome considering the tag didn’t exist 24 hours ago!

Crop Top Collage


These are just a few of the first babes who posted.  Looking through the tag (and the others like #rockthecrop and #ifandonlyifIwantto) is SO inspiring.  I love seeing confident babes joining together to protest archaic “fashion rules.” IG reader @sarahmick summed it up perfectly with this pic:

If You Want Crop

I couldn’t agree more.  In the hashtag, I’ve seen some questions about where to find cute plus size crop tops – you know I’m always ready to shop! So whether you are looking for your first crop or just want to add to your collection, I’ve rounded up the best crop tops available in plus, just for you: