I’ve always been a bargain shopper, rarely willing to pay full price or shell out for investment pieces in clothing (shoes and purses were another story).  I still love a good deal, but I am happily starting to learn the value of high quality clothing as well.  It helps that there are more options tailored to a curvy figure in luxe materials, like this wool skirt from Cabiria.  The abstracted giraffe pattern is striking and satisfies my love of prints, but is sophisticated enough for important meetings.  The structure is what really sets it apart, though: Everything – from the shape of the skirt, to the tailored waistband, to the perfectly placed pockets, to the expertly done darts and vents – is made specifically for plus sizes, mindful of the curves and movement of our bodies, offering the same type of polished structure that makes so many straight size labels investment-worthy. Trying it on, I instantly felt more pulled together, and felt the difference of well made piece in a way that made me want to invest in it (especially since the price was still less than comparable straight size offerings!)

I’m also loving the increase in mid-range plus options, like indie label Mynt 1792.  I’ve been a fan of their jackets for a while now, and I love that they are bringing that same type of structure to separates.  After searching for a staple black peplum for months, I finally tried Mynt’s on at Curvaceous K and purchased it immediately.

There is something especially satisfying about putting together a chic, professional outfit from indie plus size labels, so I am happy to support them with my business.  I encourage you to do the same, and help disprove the assumption that we aren’t in the market for quality clothing.

“Olivia” Peplum Top: Mynt 1792

“Flavia” Giraffe Skirt: Cabiria (also available at online boutique Madison Plus)

Tights: Hue (via Marshall’s)

Cobalt and silver bead necklace: Vintage (gift from family friend)

“Chelsea” Low Pump in Cobalt: Cole Haan