High quality designer clothes are one of my favorite things (especially when they are made of luxe fabrics and tailored to perfection), so Cabiria designer Eden Miller was a natural choice to for my new feature, Five Faves, which is a quick look into the things our favorite designers, bloggers, and models are loving right now (because no one is static in fashion).

I loved this opportunity to see what Eden is currently enjoying, both fashion-wise and otherwise.

Plus size designer of the luxe label Cabiria

Cabiria Designer Eden Miller, wearing the “Sofia” silk jersey dress in French Apricot

Without further ado, here are five of Eden’s faves:

1.  Favorite cosmetic purchase? MAC Polished Up lipstick and Too Faced eyeshadow in Petals to the Metal are constant companions.

2.  Favorite color for the season?  Jade Green.

3.  Favorite piece from your latest collection?  I’m really happy with the neckline on the Paola dress.  It’s a very complicated pattern piece that encompasses this structured keyhole that actually is bearing no weight, so it won’t get distorted, as well as all the dart and fullness manipulation, without looking tortured.  It makes me feel great that I got it right.  The technical side of patterning appeals to me a lot.  Complex, 3D puzzles.  [Editor’s Note: I tried this dress on and it is truly a masterfully made piece – and just gorgeous.  Post to come with pictures!]

4.  Favorite sparkly things? My grandmother’s cocktail rings.

5. Favorite statement piece you’ve worn lately?  I have a giant faux fur coat that people obsess over.  Giant portrait collar frames the face.  I had an actor rip off his shirt at a party and pull on my coat, bare-chested.  It’s surely a statement.

A statement indeed!

Do you share any favorites with Eden?  Sound off below, and let me know what you’d like to read about in future Five Faves, and who you’d like to hear from.