What I Didn’t Buy: Forever 21 Plus

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1016"]IMG_3919.JPG Solid Midi Dress, $16[/caption] Over a year ago on Instagram, I started using my #whatididntbuy hashtag to share my thoughts on the real-life fit of pieces I tried on that I might not like for myself, or be able to afford at the moment, but someone else might love.  Many brands that offer plus sizes do so in only a handful of stores around the country, so not everyone has the opportunity to try before they buy.  Since then, I've gotten a ton of great feedback on the tag, with many women telling me they decided to buy or not to based on my #whatididntbuy pics.  I know not everyone is on IG (but if you are, follow me at @curvily), so I am adding it to the blog.  With direct links to the product, its now easier to shop, too! Now on to this batch of pics from my latest trip to Forever 21 in Union Square:

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