Welcome to CurvilyFashion.com!

After almost a year of outfit blogging on Tumblr, I am so excited to launch my full-blown blog! With the .com and the snazzy new layout come some exciting changes. In addition to my OOTD posts, there are some new…

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My Top Outfits of 2013

Since the launch of my official site coincides with the end of 2013, it seems like a great time to recap my first year of outfit blogging.  Finding the body positive community of curvy and plus size bloggers changed my…

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OOTD: The Not So Classic LBD

Black dresses have many adjectives attached to them - the most frequent being "classic" and "timeless."  This caged sleeve shift dress is neither, and I kind of love that.  The aforementioned timeless dresses certainly come in handy, but a LBD…

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